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Become Meber

update date : 2022-12-22

Become Member

1. Faculty and staff of the official establishment (inside) of the school.
2. Engagement personnel, excluding work-students and part-time assistants.

Membership obligations

Members will allocate 0.5% of the basic salary as a welfare fund on a monthly basis.

Member Benefits

Members who have been employed for three months can enjoy the following benefits
1. Festive Gift Vouchers: Issued before and after the festival
  (1) Gift vouchers for three festivals: Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival
  (2) Teacher's Day Gift Voucher
2. Birthday gift certificate: issued every other month
3. The tail tooth lottery activity
4. Welfare Association organizes tourism activities from time to time
5. Club activities
6. Accident Insurance
7. Others

※Employees can freely choose whether to join the membership (or those who have no objection after being prompted by the personnel department) from the time of reporting to work (within 10 days) and cannot be changed arbitrarily during the term of office after being selected.
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