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Organization and tenure

update date : 2022-12-22

Member term

The term of office is two years (from August 1 to July 31). Re-elected to be re-elected.

Committee member

● Chairman: To manage the affairs of the association, serve as the chairman during the meeting, and represent the association to the outside world. In the event of being unable to perform duties due to some reasons, the director-general shall act as an agent.

●Director-General: Assist the chairman of various affairs and supervise the resolutions of the Association, and assist the directors in handling the daily affairs of the meeting.

●Members of each group: Under the recommendation of the chairman and the general director, they will jointly handle school-wide welfare measures and take charge of the following businesses:

●Members of the General Affairs Group: Handle documents, general affairs, New Year's gifts, birthday gift certificates, etc., external liaison and planning of welfare measures.

●Members of the finance group: Handle annual budget preparation, auditing and auditing of activity revenue and expenditure, property management, storage, borrowing and expenditure, etc.

●Recreation group members: plan, promote and manage school-wide tourism, dinner parties, cultural and recreational activities, and club management.

●The association has 1 supervisor: the previous chairman shall serve as the supervisor. Supervise the handover of the old and new committees, audit the financial revenue and expenditure status, and supervise the progress of the conference affairs. If there is a vacancy for a supervisor, it shall be filled by the previous member.

●The members and supervisors of the Association are all voluntary duties and do not receive any allowances. The positions held by them are regarded as the tasks assigned by the school, and the members of the chairman committee will report their service performance for reference in work assessment.

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